About Tibial Pilon Fractures

These bullet points on Pilon Fracture recovery are things I have learned in the past year. I am paraphrasing many medical sources. See some good links below for more details.

  • One of the rarest skeletal injuries, Less than 10% of lower leg injuries.
  • Was not commonly considered an “injury” before car airbags because recipients were often dead
  • Typically caused by high impact to bottom of foot (feet) such as falling from heights or impact with floorboard of car in head-on crash.
  • Takes 3-4 months to heal on average. Most requiring surgery.
  • Most surgeries start with external fixation to align foot and let swelling reduce. This is key to reduce issues with wound closure and reduce infection.
  • Most have associated fibular fracture
  • Recovery take 3-5 years of gradual improvement

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