1.5 years After

I thought I’d start a new page for my current pilon fracture recovery situation.

It will be 1.5 years (in Sept) and I am walking and biking… here are the details.

  • I have sharp ankle pain for the first 10 steps, then it seems to loosen up somehow and mostly go away. I have very little range of motion. When I get to the end of the range it is sharp pain.
  • I can only walk in my brace, barefoot is not comfortable and I limp heavily!
  • I can hike- carefully and cautiously. I can climb up a steep hill and walk down steep hills just fine (with an adapted method) but walking on river rocks and wobbly surfaces is not secure. Very insecure.
  • I can bike. So far I have ridden weekly for 2-5 hours at a time!  Not too  shabby!  If I couldn’t ride my bicycles I’d be very sad.
  • I can not jump..i can not even think of jumping, not even a tiny bit.
  • I can not run or jog, even a few steps… I can do nothing fast… If a car were about to hit me I’d just have to hop on my good leg to get out of the way.
  • My ankle does not ache…I am so happy that there is no dull prolonged ache..I’m telling you that is my biggest fear at this point. I really hope everyone experiments with their ankle to see if there are ways to cope with the limitations. I discovered the heel lift/boots/brace combo is amazing. I did not discover this combo for a long time. My PT was unsure it would make a difference, as was my specialist.

When I get tired of this, I’ll opt to have it fused. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ImH3QlJO8w


Or! We just learned about a nee and amazing brace!  Check this out!  http://www.hangerclinic.com/bracing-support/adult-le/Pages/Limb-Salvage-ExoSym.aspx