Update on homemade brace 1.2

Update on the new homemade ankle brace (see previous post). I taped it on and went out for a long ride on my road bicycle… and felt fantastic.

 If I would have done this bike ride in my Arizona Brace I would have been very swollen and walking funny for a couple days. But with this ankle brace I was able to return home after 5 hours of riding without any significant swelling or pain.

I live that i have discovered that it is possible to do more than what the experts think can be done with pain management through joint stabilization and working around the limitations of this injury. At least for me that’s the case. But nobody thought up making my own ankle braces… I just figured that if a ski boot would feel rigid enough to walk while immobilizing the ankle,  then why not make my shoe act like a ski boot!?

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