Fiberglass brace 2.0!

I have had pretty good success with the first fiberglass brace I made which I use for bicycling because it locks out my ankle much better than my Arizona brace. But I needed something that was more comfortable and didn’t put so much leverage on my shin bone… so I have been working a long time on getting around to finishing the second brace. 

Today I finally gave it a test run and I think it worked pretty good. It goes much higher up my calf, which reduces the leverage on my lower leg, and completely immobilizes my ankle! I went for a hard and bumpy mountain bike ride today and was completely pain-free!

5 thoughts on “Fiberglass brace 2.0!

  1. Hi thanks for sharing this I’m 3 months post pylon I was very discouraged till I saw your posts it’s so cool how you have adapted with bracing etc it also makes me realize that it takes time and I should be patient and that even if it doesn’t get back to “normal” i can still do things by compensating for injury I love how you show us how to make braces etc I hope to be up and active soon thanks for your encouragement and showing me the road to recovery like you said there’s not a lot of people that can explain to you the process so it’s really good to see somebody who’s gone through it thanks for taking the time to do this posting


  2. Can anyone share if when splint for pilon surgery was removed if you went into cast or boot . Which is better? When did you start pt? Any numbness?
    Thanks! I had surgery two weeks ago.


    • After my surgery I went straight into a knee-high walking boot. Though i was not allowed to use it for walking for many months.
      The whole top of my foot and toes were numb for many many weeks and the numbness in my toe went away and several months.

      Good luck with your progress Colleen!!


    • Yes lots of numbness and nerve issues. Boot did feel better but took a really long time to regain function. It’s been 8 months and just returning to more activity still can’t do some things and still in PT but it’s getting better


      • Started PT at 2 weeks just range of motion and gentle things couldn’t weight bare for 6 weeks but light PT was helpful in reducing stiffness pain and immobility


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