Anyone have exercise suggestions while recovering from pilon fracture?

While I was in a cast and nonweightbearing I enrolled in a gym that was very similar to a CrossFit gym (no exercise machines just free weights and open floor space to do bodyweight exercises and flexibility work). Those folks put me through a regimen of core work, upper body work & mobility work,  that not only made me feel really good and got the blood pumping but also gave me something uplifting to do.

Since that time, I relocated and, rather than find a new gym, I thought I would get back into bicycle riding and doing other exercise at home.  Of course that’s because I assumed I was almost recovered and ready to get back to my normal life.  Low and behold three months has gone by that I have not done any workouts. My Pilon fracture recovery is taking its sweet time and I am getting flabby and it’s time to start looking for ways to keep the rest of my body fit while my ankle continues to find itself a role in cohabitating with my lifestyle 🙂


i’m putting this out there to everybody for ideas on things to stay fit without abusing the ankle. I will round up a bunch of the workouts that I did before and share them because they felt good and they didn’t require a lot of equipment and they were very stable and safe for the week ankle. Most of them were nonweightbearing.

Comment if you have an ankle fracture story to share

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