Ankle replacement not an option, Fusion needs to wait too

Pilon fracture recovery is all about re-setting my expectations, and remaining hopeful.

I saw Dr Roger Mann and Dr. Nicolas Gay and they both say there is no way an ankle replacement will hold, the bone is only “a 5 out of 10” in quality and could take 1-2 years to “turn over” which means the tibial plafond was fractured in so many directions that the bone is now disorganized and spongy and will need significant time to get itself sorted out and turn to mature hard bone. At that time I can have it fused.

In the meantime I need to baby the ankle joint, keep pain under control however I can, and wear an Arizona AFO brace. I got fitted for the brace on Friday.

The Doc said I may be able to have cortisone shots if my pain gets too bad. But the recommended limit is 3 shots a year, and the shots last about a month. I will wait. For now my boots, advil, and turmeric/ginger/rosemary cocktail seems to get me by.

Comment if you have an ankle fracture story to share

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